Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Use between two and five words

1. Climate changes will definitely cause sea levels to rise.
bound Sea levels rise is bound due to climate changes.

2. A number of animal species will soon face extinction.
verge A number of animal species will be soon on the verge of extinction.

3. If they hadn't helped, .the park wouldn't have been built.
help But their help the park wouldn't have been built.

4. The project on the Amazon rainforest will be complete by the end of week.

Have The project on the Amazon rainforest will have be completed by the end of the week.

5. If we don't do more to prevent forest fires, there will be serious consequences for wildlife.

Done There will be serious consequences for wildlife if more is done to prevent forest fires.

Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.

1. The risks of using nuclear power far weighs its benefits. WEIGH

2. The use age of pesticides in conventional farming has made people turn to organic products.


3. The farmers claim that their income has been reduced this year due to unfavourable weather conditions. COME

4. I'm afraid her abilities have been overestimated; there are much better scientists than her.


5. In developing countries people die of diseases related to polluted water. DEVELOPED

Find the unnecessary word for each sentence.

1. They won't ban GM products unless they are not proved harmful.

2. By 2050 half of the world's population will have be living without direct access to fresh water.

3. This dry weather is for sure to lead to a water shortage.

4. We should support recycling projects as if we want to protect forests.

5. According to experts, sea levels will have been risen up to 95cm by the year 2100.

6. Circle the correct response.

1. A: I read somewhere recently that about 137 species of animals and plants become extinct every day.

B: a. Well, maybe all is not lost yet.

b What's the point?

2. A: Did you know that Los Angeles alone has more cars today than all of China?

B: a. Oh, it's so cruel!

b. Oh, it's just ridiculous!

3. A: I heard the other day that about 6 million tons of oil end up in the ocean per year.

B: a. But that's so irresponsible!

b. Why bother?

4. A: It says here that cosmetic companies perform more than half of all animal tests.

B: a. The very thought of it makes me sick

b. That'll make it worse.

5. A: Does global warming worry you?
B: a. What a shame!

b. I can't bear to think about it.


1. Choose the correct item.

1. You need a well-……….diet to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A mannered С balanced

В informed D preserved

2. She asked for a second ………as it tasted so good.

A helping С dish

В course D plate

3. Cereals are good for you because most of them are…….in fat.

A short С small

В light D low

4. Many busy housewives today buy……foods.

A icy С cold

В frozen D freezing

5. He couldn't cope…….the workload so he resigned.

A with В to

С in D from

6. I'm tired of washing by hand. I could …….. with a washing machine.

A make С get

В have D do

7. Helen offered to give me the ………for her delicious pizza.

A receipt С recipe

В instructions D prescription

8. I love chips, but the doctor advised me not to eat…….food.

A baked В fried

С grilled D roast

9. Eating a bar of chocolate from time……..time won't do you any harm.

A to В in

С at D with

10. To keep in good……you should exercise regularly.

A body В shape

С fit D build

11. She never drinks…….water because it's too fizzy.

A gassy С bubbly

В flat D sparkling

12. The gardener decided to retire…….the age of fifty.

A in В with

С at D of

13. He was late so I decided to ……time by window-shopping.

A waste В miss

С spend D kill

14. John felt a sharp………in his back.

A injury В pain

С wound D ache

15. The teacher refused to put………. with his bad behaviour any longer.

A in В up

С off D for

16. It took six months for him to fully ……. from his illness.

A heal В cure

С recover D mend

17. Matthew was fined £100 for driving………age.

A with В in

С on D under

18. I enjoy eating hot,…….food but it gives me indigestion.

A creamy С greasy

В spicy D savoury

19. Electric fires give………...less heat than coal fires.

A off В in

С up D away

20. The meal was delicious, especially the main…….

A appetiser С course

В dessert D starter

Fill in the missing word.

1. She is an extremely active woman for her age.

2. Cheese smells bad if you leave it out of the fridge.

3. In her free time she decided to take up painting as a hobby.

4. After years of being inactive, the volcano suddenly came in life.

5. His doctor advised him to cut off sugar from his diet.

6. Tim lied about his age so that he could join the army.

7. He decided to go with a strict diet for a few weeks.

8. Don't forget to collect my library books, will you?

9. You need permission in abilityto use the computers at school.

10. None of her clothes fit her as she'd put up so much weight.